Hunger Games: Graduation Tickets Edition

Gabby Nowicki

College commencement: a moment I have imagined for many years even before starting my time at this University. I watched my sister as she crossed a large stage surrounded by friends and family; this is exactly how I imagined my graduation. Apparently, this is not how my commencement will go. Each student is given four tickets; I am assuming this is what the university believes the average family size is. While this may be true, I am part of a small family of five, BUT this does not include my grandparents, brother in law, or boyfriend. Aside from my parents, that leaves me with two other tickets. That means I have to choose what other two family members deserve to be at my graduation. This is upsetting and annoying and I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

I know this is how graduation works every year. Programs get split up into two sections and it will take place at the Oakdale Theatre but as the University continues to grow, shouldn’t the theatre too? As each graduating class increases, shouldn’t the seating amount increase too? I have talked to many fellow seniors and they all share the same distress. What about for those that have more than two siblings or step families? Do they not get the chance to see their beloved family member celebrate one of the most important moments in their lives?

I have been getting other seniors viewpoints for a while now and we all just bitterly vent. I, personally, only need one more ticket, but I know many other seniors who need two to three more. What about those with younger siblings? Are they supposed to stay in the hotel while the ceremony takes place? Or are they allowed to sit on laps?

As much as I am happy to have younger friends graduating a year early, is it really fair if there is limited space? If the university is aware that more people are graduating early, then why not find a bigger venue? I have put up with this schools flaws for all four years and graduating will be one of my happiest days that I wish to share with all my family, not just a lucky four. I can understand how the university feels four is enough and that they try to accommodate as much as possible but I, and many others, feel that it is time for change.