Hozier’s New EP “Cries Power”

Nearly four years since Hozier’s debut album release, and five years after his five-time platinum single “Take Me to Church,” the Irish musician has released a new EP, “Nina Cried Power,” that is sure to move mountains.

After much plea from fans around the world, Hozier released his latest four-track EP in early September. “Nina Cried Power,” the first track on the EP,is a power ballad complimented with beautiful choir vocals. It is inspired by the legacies of artists such as Nina Simone and Billie Holliday, and is an ode to protest songs.

According to Hozier’s email newsletter, his goal with the track was “to credit the actuality of hope, solidarity and love found in the human spirit at a time when their opposites were being given a mainstream platform 24/7.”

The second track “NFWMB,” or “Nobody fucks with my baby,” is a much softer tune compared to the EP’s opening track, and has a very similar sound, reminiscent of “It Will Come Back.” It follows biblical themes, much like other songs on the EP, such as “Shrike.” According to Spill Magazine,  the song shows Hozier returning to “arguably his greatest strength: romanticizing darkness, death, and turmoil to create a contrastingly gentle ode to a lover.”

The third track on the album, “Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)” is, by far, the most upbeat on the album. The song is about sex, and Hozier repeatedly touches on his enjoyment of physical pleasure with the one he loves. According to Genius.com, “the song makes connections to religious terms and iconography to make the point that there is something sacred about this physical intimacy, while also creating parallels to the many religion’s conservative view on sex.”

The final track on the EP, “Shrike,” has an existentially reflective message, with Hozier reminiscing on a past love that has been lost and all of the frustration and sadness that comes with it. This track serves as the perfect balance to the opening.

The artist plans to release a full album in 2019, and if ‘Nina Cried Power’ is indicative of what to expect with his next album, then we may be anticipating one of his greatest musical releases to date.