How You Know You’re Not Handling the Perpetual Winter Well

Elissa Sanci

We trudged through mountains of snow. We battled through icy winds and hail. We kept ourselves warm in the subzero temperatures, and we ventured into the Soundview wind tunnel despite our friends’ warnings. We braved through one of the worst winters Connecticut has seen in a while, and, for our bravery, we were awarded spring.


And then it was taken away from us, without warning. One day, we were prancing about campus, wearing shorts and tank tops and the next, we wake up to snow on the ground and a need for a scarf and gloves. The thing is, though, we’re not ready to accept this harsh relapse back into winter. We’ve decided to pretend it’s not happening, and, honestly, we just aren’t ready to give up the few warm days we’ve had so easily. Here’s seven ways to tell you aren’t handling this perpetual winter well.

1. You catch yourself daydreaming about warm breezes, ice cream cones and sand and become immediately depressed whenever a gust of icy wind hits you in the face.

2. You refuse to take your winter jacket back out, even though it’s been approximately 30 degrees the past couple of days.

3. You plan outfits the night before that consist of flowery tank tops, pastel colored capris and sandals, even though you know you’ll be too cold to function.

4. You wear the outfit anyway.

5. You complain about how cold you are in the aforementioned springtime outfit.

6. You stare out the window into the empty quad, reminiscing about the tons of kids throwing footballs, baseballs and Frisbees not two days ago.

7. You make status after status and send tweet after tweet updating everyone on how cold it is, how beautiful is was, and how you predict this winter will never end, because, you know, global warming.