How I Feel About RED

Katerina Sperl

After listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, RED, I am slightly disappointed. As Swift leans more and more mainstream, the individuality her fans loved has almost completely disappeared. Three quarters of her new album and the six bonus tracks are probably not worth the money.

RED, the newest album by Taylor Swift.

That being said, there are four songs out of the 16 that I do appreciate. My two favorite titles of the album are definitely “Begin Again” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” “Begin Again” compares her new boyfriend to her ex. The new one has more in common with her and lets her be herself. She is attracted to him because he is sweet and chivalrous, not because of his bad boy reputation. Anyone who knows Swift’s history with guys will be able to relate to the relief this brings to her.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” talks about a guy that Swift dated “a few mistakes ago.” Much like tracks from Aly&AJ, this song is the type that listeners allow to get stuck in their heads. Any indication of country music is lost in this song, but surprisingly it does not matter much.

The track “RED,” while poppy, is more like the songs many fans liked in the first place than the other songs are. While colors symbolizing moods could have turned out extremely corny, it actually works. The climactic beat also adds to the attractiveness.

“Everything Has Changed” is about a guy that Swift has met just 18 hours ago. Other than “Enchanted,” not many songs are about what comes before the love, heartbreak and vengeance. This duet with Ed Sheeran is beautifully executed.

There is one song that I am completely undecided about: “22.” Finally, this song is not about a boy! There are no worries, just happiness, as Swift goes out and dances with friends. This song sounds more like Selena Gomez, whose name is encoded in the lyrics. Nevertheless, it is an extremely fun and dance-worthy song. However, near the end, disappointment hits. “You look like bad news. I’ve got to have you…” Can Swift not do anything that does not involve a new boy?

“Treacherous” and “Sad Beautiful Tragic” reflect the worst of Swift. Once again, she is having a pity party; she is the only person in attendance. “Holy Ground” makes absolutely no sense to me. The beat is too fast and so unlike Swift.

“State of Grace,” the opening track, is catchy at first but soon changes to annoying. It tells how Swift never saw love coming, but her life has completely changed because of it. Snore.

“I Almost Do” is also like every other song she has ever written. She predicts what an ex-boyfriend is doing while she misses him. Although she assumes that he misses her too, she refrains from making contact. Instead of calling him, Swift plays games and writes a song about it. Why?