Horror Flick Skips the Gore

The Charger Bulletin

The moment the lights dimmed my legs began to tense up. By the time the movie was over I had scooted so far down in my seat my knees were at my eye level and I had jumped at least five times and screamed once.

One great aspect of Quarantine: no unneeded blood and gore. Essentially, it is just a psychological thriller that makes you jump a lot.

Despite the fact the whole movie is filmed through the eyes of the cameraman, I found the camera work realistic and easy to follow, even during those awesome running action scenes (the complete opposite of Cloverfield). However, the film lagged in some places  during scenes where no action was involved and contained just dialog. In these scenes the dialog was weak and nonsensical (think one of those bad SciFi channel movies).

Overall, Quarantine was a good movie that had my attention most of the time (besides those pesky dialog scenes). Even if you’re one of those weird people who never jump at scary movies you’d still like the movie. I’m not just saying that. My dad saw the movie with me and never jumps during movies, but he gave it the thumbs up. For any one reading this be advised that I am a naturally jumpy person, so results may vary.