Honor Student Council Green Week

Alyssa MacKinnon

The Honor Student Council hosted their annual Green Week the week of April 13.

“HSC Green Week is about putting on a bunch of seemingly silly but very simple events that show how reusing materials and knowing your environment can be easy and a lot of fun,” said the Honors Student Council Treasurer, Denise Williams. “We reuse materials that are left behind, forgotten or ignored materials such as rocks, old tennis balls, sand, washers, string and turn them into pets, jewelry, gifts, key holders, and other cute little trinkets that are either naturally from our environment or keep something else out of the waste streams.”

On Monday, April 13, they had sand art in the Bartels Programming Space. Some students made sand art in light bulb like Mengyan Liu. ”It was so relaxing to make sand art! It felt great to be reusing old bottles for this project and knowing you’re upcycling what could be junk into art,” she said.

Tuesday April 14 was a dirt cup giveaway at the Bartels Cafe Patio. Wednesday April 15 featured a cute make your own Pet Rock event. Some students were creative enough to take a family photo with their pet rock. The club even had some premade rocks for those students who didn’t have enough time to create a more personalized one.

International Food Festival was on Thursday April 16 in the Faculty Dining Room, with food offered from around the globe. The various dishes available were a particularly refreshing novelty from the hum drum of Bartel’s.

Friday, April 17 was the Amazing (Major) Race which started at the BSAC Patio. Four teams competed in various activities around campus that demonstrated different majors. Some activities included unscrambling ducks to make a word, recalling lyrics, making play dough body parts, identifying bones and matching fingerprints.

“My favorite event was definitely the Amazing Major Race, since we were able to get 12 RSOs on campus to collaborate together for one grand, fun, academic competition!” Stephen Shepard, president of HSC, said.

The first place team, Daniel Disbrow and Lyndsey O’Neill, won gift cards to Dunkin Donuts. Second, third and fourth won gift cards to the campus bookstore.