Homosexuals: The newest plague infiltrating the Florida school system


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Chan-chao

American Flag and Pride Flag flying over Kayo Field, West Haven

The U.S. is infamous for the censorship of the public education system. From the removal of classical books from literature curriculums, to the way that a strictly Euro-centric rendition of “national history,” only truly covering the achievements of white folk is taught.

Most recently, Florida legislation is actively considering passing a bill that would ban any conversation surrounding the subjects of gender identity and sexual orientation in the public classroom setting.

The proposal reads: “A school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.”

Now, clearly, a couple of selected phrases in this horror film description resonate with the same ambiance of a child trying to write a coherent sentence. Such a profound lack of clarity from a government motion is terrifying, as not only are the people running one of our largest states incredibly homophobic, but also illiterate.

When considering what constitutes “age”/“developmentally” appropriate for children, it’s fascinating how the only subjects that deviate from developmental normality are those that, in a convenient manner, deviate from heteronormativity.

The bill seeks to allow for deeper parental control over what is taught in Florida’s classrooms. Consider the notion that these parents who find discomfort in having their eight year old hear about two boys who like each other, or a classmate who doesn’t feel bound to the male-female binary, are the same ones who encourage their sons to flirt with five little girlfriends at the same time, because he is a stud, after all. At eight, he truly is blooming nicely for the women. These are the same parents who somehow envy when another child wins over the kid that they wanted to have over for a romantic playdate. Talk about age appropriate relationships and behaviors.

The issue surrounding primary school as an explicit item of discussion is also confusing. It may even be considerably ironic that fifth grade, the approximate time where students are often taught about puberty and hormonal development, is still being seen as the threshold for “too young” to be opening up discussion about sexuality and gender. In addition to such irony, ruling out the ability to teach on gender and sexuality would increase the hazardous lack of inclusion in health education. Eliminating inclusive information in developmental and sexual teachings can very likely leave children with a more severe inability to properly understand their own existence as nothing that pertains to their identity is being spoken to them.

Making history and education even more hetero-centric than it already is will do more damage to LGBTQ+ youth than is naturally placed upon them already, ostracizing their experiences from the vast majority surrounding them.

The Trevor Project found that 59% of LGBTQ+ youth felt unsafe in their educational environment due to their orientation. Reducing inclusivity in classroom conversation by legitimately outlawing the discussion of this portion of Florida’s youth would be incredibly detrimental towards their self images.

Florida: the state where your mask can be off, but if you’re going to say gay, you better cover your mouth, regardless.