Homecoming with USGA

Christopher Rinck

I hope that everyone has settled into their dorm rooms and are ready for a great semester. Along with the re-establishment of the football program here at UNH comes the great tradition of Homecoming!

Homecoming is a time where students, faculty, alumni, and the community will come together for a wonderful day of events. This year during homecoming, the USGA is going to be hosting a “BLUEOUT BLOWOUT ZONE.” What this will be is a place where clubs and organizations can reserve a spot in the zone to showcase their club’s spirit. Inside this area there will also be T-shirt sales and a spirit area to make signs, paint your body blue, and get your own foam fingers. To register your club or organization please go to www.ChargerVoice.com and click on the BLUEOUT BLOWOUT ZONE tab.

I encourage all students who are members of clubs and organizations to make sure that their organizations sign up for this event. Homecoming is back and we want it to stay! I hope to see every UNH student at North Campus to support the football team on September 26th, Homecoming Day!