Homecoming Football Game

A flow of touchdowns in the first half put the Chargers on top of the Pace Setters for the 11th time in a row. New Haven has been struggling in the red zone all season, but they managed to convert on major third- and fourth-down plays, leading them to a 28-21 victory.

After a dropped snap early in the fourth quarter by quarterback Christian Lupoli, the Chargers’ defense was able to get a three-and-out stop, forcing Setters kicker, Pat Davis, to kick and miss a 41-yard field goal. 

This opened the door for New Haven as they scored on their next four consecutive drives.

Crucial offensive players Ju’an Williams and Shamar Logan were a huge part of the Chargers’ homecoming success. Logan, the running back, was able to find space and picked up 119-rushing yards on the day, which helped his team move into the red zone. Logan is third in the conference for rushing yards. Williams was able to pick up where Logan left off, snagging passes in the endzone from Lupoli. Williams totaled five catches and two touchdowns in his final homecoming debut. 

Chargers defensive back Zach Cofrancesco intercepted two passes late in the second quarter, which lead to back-to-back touchdown drives. New Haven’s Paul Cooper caught a pass in the end zone with three seconds left in the half to put the Chargers up 28-7 after a late scoring surge. 

Confranesco was also credited for a forced fumble late in the game, and managed to earn himself Connecticut Army National Guard Player of the Game. 

Pace offense struggled to get things moving as their second string quarterback, Brandon Simmons, played the first half of this game. It wasn’t until starting senior quarterback, Carlton Aiken, came onto the field that the game turned around for the Setters. Aiken was a huge presence for his offense as he totaled for 125-passing yards, 45-rushing yards, and a touchdown. 

By the start of the fourth quarter, the Chargers were trying to hold onto their 28-13 lead. However, with 3:05 left to play, the Setters made a long drive down the field and were able to score a touchdown, followed by a two-point conversion, which left the score at 28-21. 

The Chargers have beaten the Setters in their last eleven meetings. 

The Chargers are back on the road next week as they travel to Manchester, New Hampshire, to take on St. Anselm College at 6 p.m. on Saturday.