Hispanic Heritage Playlist

Music has always been a part of me, especially Latin, as I feel it connects me more with my roots, and it’s something I’ve always been passionate about. These are just a few of my favorite songs from different genres that have been getting my mind off these past couple of months.

Yo x Ti, Tú x Mi — ROSALIA, Ozuna
In English, it translates to “Me for you, You for me.” The song is about two people who are each other’s partners-in-crime, and the song combines Puerto Rico’s urban melodies with Spain’s flamenco flairs.

Yo También — Marc Anthony, Romeo Santos
Salsa and bachata are combined in this song to tell the story of a woman caught up in a love triangle between a mobster and the FBI agent tracking him down.

Obsesión — Aventura
A classic bachata, the song is by the Dominican band “Aventura” and sung by who Latin America (LATAM) considers the “King of Bachata,” Romeo Santos. The song tells the story of a man who is in love with a taken woman to the point of obsession.

Dos Locos — Monchy & Alexandra
“Monchy & Alexandra” were a Dominican bachata music group in the 90s and early 2000s. The song is about two people who think that they are crazy for loving one another while they are both in a relationship with different people.

Suavemente — Elvis Crespo
One of the most famous merengues since 1998, Crespo sings about falling for a woman and how she makes him feel with just one kiss.

Como la Flor — Selena
“Como la Flor” is sung by the late Mexican singer Selena Quintanilla, who is referred to as the “Queen of Tejano (Texan) music.” The song is about a woman who, after breaking up with her boyfriend, explains how it hurts to lose her love and describes her love as a flower that has dried up and died.

La Camisa Negra — Juanes
Colombian singer, songwriter and activist Juanes sings “La Camisa Negra,” a cumbia and alternative rock song. He sings about wearing a black shirt because he is mourning the loss of the love a girl once had for him.

Propuesta Indecente — Romeo Santos
Also sung by the “King of Bachata,” Santos sings about proposing a deal to a beautiful woman by leaving her relationship to go on an adventure with him.

La Tortura — Shakira, Alejandro Sanz
Colombian singer Shakira sings about the emotional pain she has gone through by losing the man she loves, and Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz joins the duet as the man who messed up their relationship.

Lambada — Kaoma
1989 French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma sing “Lambada,” which is a fast-paced Brazilian dance that couples perform, involving their stomachs touching. The song was re-adapted by Puerto Rican singer Don Omar for his 2011 hit “Taboo,” which was featured in the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise “Fast Five,” which was partly filmed in LATAM countries Puerto Rico and Brazil.