Hidden References in the Winter Soldier

Scott Iwaniec

All Marvel films have references and Easter Eggs from start to finish. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has so many that I thought it would be fun to take some time and talk about a few. I may not have all of them, but that’s the fun! – It gives you a chance to go look for yourselves.
Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, in a scene from Captain America: Winter Soldier  (AP Photo).
Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, in a scene from Captain America: Winter Soldier
(AP Photo).
In the very beginning,  we see Steve Rogers has a notebook of this that he needs to catch up on what he has missed since he’s been sleeping, including Nirvana, Apple etc. Supposedly, there is a different notebook for each country the film is theatrically released in.
Look closely at Black Widow’s necklace and you’ll see her pendant is an arrow. Ring any bells? If you remember she is best friends with Hawkeye. Even though he isn’t in the film, we have him in spirit.
Think back on the scene where Capt. and Widow kicked the HYDRA member off the roof. He says names like Bruce Banner and Stephen Strange when revealing what targets are to be killed. Stephen Strange is in fact Dr. Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme. Marvel has been hinting at his future involvement in the cinematic universe, and his film is supposedly going to be the final phase 3 film.
Think right before that scene when the same HYDRA member crosses paths with the Secretary of Defense who whispers in his ear: Hail HYDRA. Notice the face? It’s the same secretary of defense from Iron Man 2. With him being arrested at the end of the film, this could open the door for Tony Stark to become secretary of defense, just like the comics, as also hinted in Iron Man 2.
Towards the end we see the three Hellicariers zoom in on their targets. One of them is Tony Stark standing in Stark Tower.
Nick Fury’s gravestone reads a famous quote that Samuel L. Jackson said in one of his most praised films, Pulp Fiction.
The SHIELD council members who we see in the film are supposedly the same council members who Nick Fury speaks with on the screens at the conclusion of The Avengers. Funny enough, we never actually saw their faces in The Avengers.
Finally, remember when Steve steals his WWII suit from the museum? The security guard is none other than Stan Lee himself.