Heritage Showcase

Lesha Daley

This year, the Caribbean Student Association (CSA) hosted its second annual Heritage Showcase at Dodds Theatre on Friday, Dec. 8, 2012.

The winners of this year’s Heritage Showcase included Kyle (Mr. Jamaica) and Thasha (Ms. Haiti).

Countries represented included Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, The Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago and America.

The Heritage Showcase is one of many activities sponsored by the CSA throughout the academic year. Although Caribbean culture is the platform for events, all countries are welcome and encouraged to participate. The Caribbean Student Association’s mission includes promoting the culture of the Caribbean Islands to UNH and to bring togetherness with different countries.

This year’s contest was composed of four segments including talent, beachwear, cultural wear and a formal wear segment where contestants answered trivia questions about their country.

Contestants broadcasted their creative abilities during the talent segment of the competition with poetry, singing, dancing and instrument playing. Each participant showcased talent that was inspired by the country they represented including dancing to dancehall music, bachata dancing and playing the Congo drums. In rounds two and three, participants showed off their best ethnic wear in the swimsuit and cultural wear portion of the showcase.

Members of CSA’s dance group, Monsoon, hyped up crowd members during the intermission with a choreographed hip-hop dance routine.

In the final round, contenders showed off their best formal wear in a last attempt to gain favor from judges and audience members. Participants also demonstrated their knowledge about their countries during the question and answer portion of the showcase.

The winners were selected by a panel of UNH judges from various backgrounds, Mr. Heritage 2011, as well as audience votes.

The winners of this year’s Heritage Showcase included Kyle (Mr. Jamaica) and Thasha (Mrs. Haiti). Contest winners received accolades for their new title as the new Mr. and Ms. Heritage, as well as cash prizes. Participation awards were given to all contestants to applaud their involvement in making the event a success.

Other nationalities are encouraged to enter next year to represent their heritage as a part of UNH’s diversified student body.