Health Services Offers Flu Shots to Students


Samantha Reposa

That time of year has come where the weather is on the brink of winter, but still is trying to hold on to the fall feel, which means flu season is in full spring with the drastic fluctuation of temperature.
Health Services at the University of New Haven would like to remind all students, faculty, and staff the importance of receive their flu shot this season to alleviate the spread of viral illness and to ensure a positive learning and working environment.
An annual vaccination for the flu is recommended by by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who also support the notion that busting the myth that you can still get the flu from the vaccine.
The vaccine is offered at local physician and public health offices, drug stores, and schools (like U.N.H.) while most insurance cover cost without a copay or deductible. HealthMap Vaccine Finder is an online services that directs people to their nearest flu vaccine provider.
The vaccine takes about two weeks until antibodies to develop to combat viruses, so healthcare professionals suggest getting the flu shot sooner rather than later.
As the American Nurses Association says “schedule your flu shot today and protect yourself” this flu season.