Hazell Nut is Back, and Better Than Ever

Since 2007, Hazell Nut Café in Maxcy Hall has provided students with dollar coffee, personal pizzas and freshly-baked pastries.

I have had my fair share of Maxcy Paninis, Blazing Saddles pizzas, and sinfully rich hot chocolate, but coming back this semester, I was skeptical about the new menu. This quickly turned around. The new changes in the café work. This semester, Hazell Nut is partnering with local businesses and providing new menu items that I think will live up to the standard the café has set in the past.  

As a completely student-run cafe, Hazell Nut gives hospitality students a true experiential education experience. Brianna Braza, a sophomore hospitality and tourism major, is one of the managers overseeing the café this semester.  

“My favorite part about working in the cafe is being able to work with and meet other students that are not in my major.” said Braza. 

She says that this semester, the café will be making baked goods every day, introducing a salad bar, and using locally brewed coffee from Willoughby’s Coffee and Tea in New Haven to incorporate local companies. 

 In addition to locally-brewed coffee, other local businesses, including Bishop’s Orchard in Guilford and Capetta’s in West Haven will get involved. Initially, the café experimented with getting rid of the originally made-to-order pizzas completely to provide a healthier alternative like the salad bar. But customers insisted on the pizzas, said Braza.

The pizzas will cost $6 for cheese pizzas, and $7 for other flavors.

 After spending a week eating lunch from the café, I tried a variety of new menu items. The pizzas from Capetta’s was different than the original Hazell Nut pizzas and though not terrible, they left me missing the original Hazell Nut recipe. And I am not alone.

“Old Hazell Nut pizza had a certain taste,” said forensic science major Alyson Shaw. “I really miss it, this pizza is just standard pizzaria style.”

Though there have been changes, the student workers were ready to take orders with smiling faces and prepared the food with enthusiasm. Walking into Hazell Nut will give customers a glimpse into the passion behind the hospitality program and the dedication the café works have to pleasing the campus community. 

I applaud Hazell Nut for utilizing local businesses and catering to customer demands. I am excited to see how they progress throughout the rest of the semester. If you’re planning to launch your own chocolate products soon, check out these different chocolate bar packaging options that yourboxsolution offers.