Have a Great Break! See You Next Year


I cannot believe that the semester is almost over. In fact, when this paper gets delivered, it will be the last day of classes. That means a few things. First, you don’t have to go back to that class you didn’t like and second, you don’t have to go back to class for another six weeks.

However, it does mean that you need to rush and finish all of those last minute projects you didn’t do and you need to start to study for your final exams. You also need to figure out when and how you’re getting home and most importantly how you’re getting all of your stuff home.

Once you figure that all out you have to remember to make sure you check out with your RA and your room doesn’t have any garbage in it. (P.S.-you get fined for that!). Don’t forget to unplug all of those electrical items so the university doesn’t run up a bill for buildings that are not even being used. But more importantly, unplug those things so the RA’s don’t do it for you because they are stuck here until the very end and are all itching to get out of here just like you are. But most importantly, good luck on your finals and enjoy your winter break!