Happy Ear Muff Day!

Liana Teixeira

By the time this issue is published, it will be March 13 which, according to my calendar of wacky facts, is Ear Muff Day. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a holiday, but somewhere in the depths of my imagination, I picture people in cold climates proudly boasting their muffs whilst knee-deep in snow; meanwhile, folks in Florida quietly wonder what an ear muff is.

Ear Muff Day is one of hundreds of random holidays scattered throughout the year, and some of the occasions celebrated are quite interesting to be honest. So, because this is the last issue before Spring Break, here’s a list of some fun holidays to celebrate whether you’re at Myrtle Beach or curled up at home reading a book.

March 16: Everything you do is right day. Okay, so this one technically doesn’t fall under Spring Break, but who doesn’t want a day where they can do absolutely nothing wrong? We all have our good days and our bad days, but this is the chance to make it an amazing day. Now this isn’t exactly the time to indulge in reckless behavior or death-defying stunts, but maybe you can travel somewhere you’ve never visited before, or tell a friend how you really feel about their new outfit. I know I’ll be having that candy bar without feeling guilty afterwards (okay, maybe a little guilty, but that’s what gyms are for).

March 19: Poultry Day. Chicken. Turkey. And, did I mention chicken? Celebrate today by eating eggs for breakfast, and some other sort of poultry meat for lunch and dinner. This is a simple holiday to follow, since chicken can practically be found in any restaurant you enter. Not to mention, it’s a lot healthier for you than some of the other processed products we consume on a daily basis. If you are vegetarian, there are chicken-flavored options that can be found in some supermarkets and restaurants.

March 22: Goof off Day. YES! A day with no chores, no work, no school. In other words, perfect. Stop everything you’re doing, go outside and have fun. This year, Goof off Day falls on a Friday, even more ideal. This is a day with so much potential; go to the beach, shop with a friend, or watch movies to your heart’s content. Just do anything you enjoy that you wouldn’t normally have time for.

Well, there you go. So maybe it’s not the most exciting selection of Spring Break activities, but there are much more wacky holidays spread throughout the year; it is impossible for boredom to be an option. When we all return from a week of relaxation, here are a few more holidays to keep in mind:

April 9: Name Yourself Day. This is the one day out of the year where you can give yourself a new name for 24 hours. Go to class and confuse your teachers when they check attendance, trade names with friends just for fun; the possibilities are endless! This may well be the only chance to become someone completely different for a day, and channel your inner alter-ego.

April 18: National Columnists Day. You love us! You really love us! Show us how much you enjoy the Charger Bulletin by reading it, tweeting about it, or bragging about our awesomeness on Facebook. (We also expect flowers and chocolates on our desks that morning, just as a heads up.)

April 26: Hug an Australian Day. You heard me. Find the nearest Australian, and give them a big hug to show how much you enjoy their company and their accents. No Australians nearby? Have your friend talk like an Australian and hug them instead. This day is extra special because it’s Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Field’s birthday! Be sure to give her a hug as well, despite the fact that she’s not Australian.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break, and good luck on midterms. Whether you stay on campus, go on vacation or go home for the break, always remember to bring your ear muffs.