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By Zack Rosen and Heather Brown

Ashley's Ice Cream Cafe received 3 and a half ice cream cones out of five!

This week, your official grub gabbin’, horn tootin’, burger eatin’ fiends toiled to bring you a review of Ashley’s Ice Cream Café in downtown New Haven! You might almost miss it driving by, but keep your eyes peeled next time you find yourself on York Street – you’ll wanna stop on by!

Heather chose to try out the milkshake made from chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. Even though there wasn’t really anything about the shake that made it stand out among the numerous others that she has had thus far, it was amazing that she could choose everything about it, right down to what milk it was made with. It was great to have so many options and to get a shake just the way she wanted it.

The building itself is nice and cozy and it’s decorated like a fun colorful ice cream parlor. They have different flavors of ice cream all the time to keep you guessing and a toppings bar with literally EVERYTHING!

EVERYTHING, confirms Zack. He ordered the brownie sundae…holy brownie, Batman. They stuffed a warm brownie at the bottom of a cup and piled a huge scoop of chocolate ice cream on top, along with your choice of three toppings. Well, Zack certainly had a choice…and that means that Zack had a few toppings! Chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and nonpareils.

Although it had some great choices and a nice Yalie atmosphere, the Grub Gab gives it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Certainly give them a try, though…one thing is for certain, there is nothing to complain about!

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Grub Gab – Ashley’s Ice Cream Cafe