Green Day’s Back


Caitlin Carney

This one is for all of the punk fans on campus. The struggle of Green Day not releasing a new single release since 2012 is real in 2016, but have no fear, because they are back.   

On September 9, American-punk rock band Green Day came out with their new single entitled “Revolution Radio.” This single absolutely hooks listeners from the opening riff. Huge Green Day fans may have been a little disappointed with the Uno!, Dos! and Tre! albums, because it felt as though Green Day had abandoned the punk rock sound fans fell in love with, only to succumb to the more pop scene.

However, in this new single the Green Day fans know and love is back. This single has the same feel to it as popular hits such as Basket Case or American Radio. This single is also incredibly catchy, so fans will easily catch on to these revolutionary lyrics.

“Revolutionary lyrics” does not mean that it is the first time anyone has used these words in their songs, but rather these lyrics could quite literally start a revolution. This song could possibly become an anthem for our generation. The lyrics of this single are all very real to today’s events and the feelings of today’s millennials, making it incredibly relatable for everyone.

Standout line in the track is “Legalize the truth,” which is at the end of every chorus. Some feel like this line really pulls the whole song together- it ties in the idea that politics and society are never completely real with our generation. The idea that people are constantly shielded from things and are kept out of the know, but everyone craves the truth.
All in all, this single is an incredible hit and is highly recommend for anyone who is a fan of Green Day to listen to it. Even country fans should listen to this song – it’s that good.