Great Whites Crash Labor Day on the Cape

Melanie Rovinsky

Two great white sharks were tagged near Cape Cod on Sept. 7, marking the first successful great white taggings off the U.S. coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to CNN, the taggings took place two days after Greg Skomal, a shark expert from the Division of Marine Fisheries, reported seeing as many as five sharks off the Chatham, Mass. coast. Several beaches in the area banned swimming for the duration of Labor Day weekend.

The sharks were marked electronically with satellite tracking devices that keep track of where the animals travel. A statement published by the division claimed that these devices “allow scientists to better understand migratory patterns.” The tagged sharks were eight and 10 feet long, and came within 75 yards of the beach.

Although it is true that other types of sharks are commonly found in Cape Cod waters during the summer months, great white sharks are rarely seen in this area of the state.