Grace Jones, Tell All Your Friends PR: The Music Industry from a Publicist’s Point of View

Kait Richmond

The music industry would not exist as it does today if it weren’t for public relations. Although not everyone realizes it, websites and newspapers don’t find out about album releases on their own. These days, looking to make it big, bands are hiring professional publicists to spread the word in a way bands never could. Grace Jones, a publicist for the New York City PR firm, Tell All Your Friends PR , a publicity & management company,  recently spoke to PULP MAGAZINE about the role of her company in the music industry, and the best ways to break into the business.

Tell All Your Friends PR began just three years ago, when owner Kip Kouri decided to break away from his previous company and start his own. In such a short time, Tell All Your Friends PR  has earned itself the reputation of being one of the top PR firms nurturing the talent of indie bands, boasting an impressive roster to the likes of Harlem Shakes, The XYZ Affair, and Yoko Ono.

Kip and his team use every form of promotion to stir up buzz for their clients. PR campaigns usually start three or four months before an album is released. Tell All Your Friends PR will focus on tasks like getting it reviewed and posted onto music blogs, so that when it is released, people will want to go buy it. Then comes tour press, which consists of contacting all of the local markets where the band is playing to be sure that ads are in the papers, and getting journalists to the show.

The jobs require perseverance, and are not for just any music fan. Believing in the act is of utmost importance; most of the clients chosen are artists that produced a record that the staff connects with. Support is also a necessity in this people friendly atmosphere.
“We’re really close to our bands and it’s really important to have that kind of relationship. I think when everyone’s working for the same cause and working together, that’s when you get the best results,” said Grace Jones. The small staff at Tell All Your Friends PR probably adds to the close relationships within the company. Besides Kouri and Jones, there is Tierney Stout, another publicist who works with tour press.

Tell All Your Friends Publicity & Management
Tell All Your Friends Publicity & Management

They have someone come in to do office work, but mainly rely on interns. “We couldn’t do what we do without the help and support of interns”, said Jones. Internships are the best experience you can get before looking for a career in the music industry. “I think there’s an element of doing your time; most people in the music industry started through doing an internship and so people look at that quite highly.” Tell All Your Friends PR cannot just bring in any intern; it’s all about passion. The ideal intern must believe in the music, want to go see the firm’s bands, and be interested in finding out about the publicity side of music. Most of all, doing the internship with a smile on his or her face, and being willing to listen.“You’ll get the most out of it if you just listen to the conversations going on, and you listen to the names that people are talking about and who’s doing what. That’s the experience that’s really valuable, and to do it with a positive attitude as well; just be grateful to be there, and look, listen, and learn”, Jones stated.

Aside from meeting music industry insiders at an internship, a degree in something like the music industry or public relations is another good step. [Being surrounded by like-minded people and getting set up with an even bigger contact base is the most worthwhile,] says Jones. Contacts in the music industry are critical, and are part of how Tell All Your Friends PR is run. The process of getting new clients is mainly through recommendations of those the staff know in the industry. There is a golden rule though: no poaching. If Kouri or Jones finds a band that is already represented, they turn away. They are competitive, Jones says, but mainly just like to look at what other firms are doing. “Motormouth is a fantastic PR firm and I love their roster. But, whenever I look at their roster, it’s more out of respect and admiration.”

Tell All Your Friends PR gives a refreshing look at the inner-workings of the music industry. Afterall, not all of the jobs belong to managers and producers. Industry hopefuls looking to get a foot in the door should check out PR firms like Tell All Your Friends PR, rather than the typical record labels or music studios. In the end, not much could be more valuable than interning at a reputable and honest company.

For more information about their current roster, company news, and more, head to to check out their fantastic list of bands, past and present!