Goodbyemotel Impresses with People EP

Ashley Winward

When I was introduced to Goodbyemotel, they already had a formula set to steal my heart; Aussie natives looking to break through in the U.S. music market with gorgeous smiles and even more beautiful voices (with accents!)

Don’t let the Australian charm steal you away just yet though ladies, these guys are so much more than their homeland.

The formation of the band was somewhat a chance meeting; coming together after crossing paths so many times in the Melbourne music scene. Their music on the other hand, is nothing to be considered lucky. Picking up a member in their move to NYC, the group is already making great strides in the industry with their songs being featured on shows like Gossip Girl, Covert Affairs and Suits.

The People EP is a classic example of deliberate musical simplicity that I think gets overlooked these days with auto tune and synthetic sound overtaking the forefront of many genres. Consider Goodbyemotel a palate cleanser for your ears; clean, crisp, and ready to clear your head.

The EP starts out strong with their single, “Set It Off,” and I was instantly hypnotized by lead singer Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom’s voice. There’s just something indescribable that resonates about his voice with me that puts me at ease. The piano melody at the opening reminds me of the song “Boston” by Augustana, while their music as a whole reminds me of the band, A Great Big World. The nuances in the song, piano and strings peeking out behind gritty guitar riffs and drums, give layers and drama so effortlessly. It’s no wonder that you’ve heard this single all over TV shows and in movies recently; it was easily my favorite track on the whole EP.

“Michael,” has some beautiful harmonizing in the opening, with some killer drum hits throughout the song. The lyrics really grabbed me for their profundity— “Nothing really matters, when you’re walking in the spotlight you’re bound to fall.” I found myself listening to this song several times to really get the feel of the lyrics mixing perfectly with the instrumentation.

“Graham Calendar,” also opens with some very pointed lyrics— “We the judge and jury find, Graham Calendar not guilty of his crimes.” The rest of the song takes the listener on a journey, telling a story as the chugging bass line pulls you along. I always have a soft spot in my heart for story-telling songs, because they’re so easy to get hooked on. Plus, the ability to tell stories to music I think is the backbone of music as a whole; these guys do it very well!

The EP closes out with a quiet, slower track called “Information.” I love the placement of the song within the four-song EP, because it allows for some sort of resolve after the buildup of the first three tracks. “Information,” is one of those songs that just washes over you and leaves you feeling at ease and in a great mood. The music slows, decrescendos, and leaves you on one fading note to resonate in the silence. It was the perfect way to end the EP, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

Check out Goodbyemotel at, they’re expecting a new album to come out soon, and if it is anything like the People EP, I will be the first in line to pick it up!