Girl Scouts in Politics?

Veronica Maciel

The Girl Scouts recently celebrated their centennial. The organization has been teaching the girls values and a love of nature for 100 years now, but not everyone seems to agree on what the organization is teaching the young girls. Last month, Indiana State Representative Bob Morris declined signing a House Resolution recognizing the centennial. He wrote a letter stating that Girl Scouts are a “tactical arm for Planned Parenthood” that lists only “feminists, lesbians, and communists” as role models. He goes on in the letter to say the organization is “radical” and promotes “homosexual lifestyles.”

One reason Morris may have made these accusations is because of a new Girl Scout. The organization let a boy who believes he is a girl join the Girl Scouts. Initially the request was refused because the Girl Scouts accept girls from grades K-12, and he had “boy parts.”  However, the child identifies as a girl, and the parents present the child as a girl, so the Girl Scouts gladly accepted her as a member.

The Representative told the Associated Press that he removed his daughters from Girl Scouts and enrolled them in a Christian based organization known as American Heritage Girls. He wrote this letter on February 18 and since then has issued an apology to the organization.  Morris says his words were “emotional, reactionary, and inflammatory,” and that is why he is apologizing. He apologized to the girls and parents of the Girl Scouts who run their section of the organization in a way that promotes “leadership, community involvement, and family values.”

However, he still refuses to sign the Resolution because the Girl Scouts of the United States supports Planned Parenthood. Since Morris believes that abortion is “the biggest evil of our time” he cannot support an organization that is partnered with Planned Parenthood.  The only response the Girl Scouts have is that they promote strength in young women, and they don’t take a stand on anything that Morris talked about.