Girl Gives Raunchy Laughs

Mia Becker

It’s a classic love story: boy meets girl, boy falls in love
with girl, girl dumps boy, and boy hires his best friend to make girl run back
to boy. My Best Friend’s Girl,
starring Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, and American Pie’s Jason Biggs is full of
raunchy and perverted laughs with a light undertone of sympathetic romance as
the cherry on top to an entertaining romantic comedy.

Jason Biggs plays Dusty, a hopeless and sweet romantic who
is head over heels in love with Alexis (Hudson).
After scaring Alexis off by proclaiming is undying love for her after only five
weeks of casual dating, he turns to his best friend Sherman “Tank” Turner (Cook). Tank is a
professional dater, in fact, a bad dater. He is paid by various men in dating
troubles to take out their romantic prospect and show them the worst date of
their lives to make them run back to their boyfriends and mend their


Business was good for Tank, until he met Alexis. As fate would
have it, Alexis doesn’t fall for Tank’s dating antics, and they soon begin a
relationship. Their involvement is kept a secret from her ex-boyfriend/his best
friend Dusty, until Dusty soon finds out. The betrayal creates great tension
between Dusty and Tanks friendship. After a few months, Tank takes matters into
his own hands and prioritizes his relationships.

The movie ends on a high note, and depicts a compelling
factor that sometimes looks can be deceiving and opposites do attract. My Best Friend’s Girl previews depicted
what might be another light romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson, with a few
laughs from Dane Cook, and on the same level of When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless
in Seattle,
however, I was
happily surprised when it was better than I was expecting. Finally! A real R-rated
romantic comedy. The film also features some beautiful shots of Boston, and a promising

The supporting cast included Alec Baldwin, and Mean Girl’s
Lizzy Caplan. And in case anyone was wondering, yes, the title track (“My Best
Friend’s Girl” by The Cars) does make an appearance.