Getting to Know the Incoming Freshman

Jennie Roth

Losing the familiar faces of the Class of 2010 to the feat of graduation may have touched hearts in May, but the new faces roaming our campus this week are sure to make up for the loss.

Despite a slight drop in enrollment from last year, the class of 2014 is sure to still make itself known.

Like most of the freshmen classes in the past, first year students are confined to the walls of Bixler, Botwinik, New Hall, and Bethel halls, with some residing in Savin Court, Living Learning Communities, or apartments across campus. Caitlin Mota, an incoming English education major from Kearney, New Jersey, is part of that handful of students.
“I’m really happy that I’m in the academic service [Living Learning Community],” Mota said. “I’ll be able to meet people that have something in common with me.”
With the increased number of applicants this year, admissions staff had to get selective in their choices for acceptance. However, the faculty and staff of the university were not the only people being picky in the selection process. Mota said that there were specific reasons why she chose UNH.

“… I liked the campus and the surrounding area. I feel like UNH offers a lot of great things that will benefit me in the future and keep me busy while I am here,” Mota said. “I’m always up for a challenge, so I’m hoping the classes I am taking will push me to work my hardest.”

This need for specific qualifications seemed to be a common theme among this year’s freshmen. Stacey Frizzell, an incoming Music Industry and Psychology major from Acton, Massachusetts, agreed that the campus was important in enrolling here.
“I had a gut feeling to visit New Haven,” Stacey said. “… I fell in love with it instantaneously.”

The new students also have high hopes and expectations for their years at UNH. Jenny Tanski, an incoming Criminal Justice major and commuter from Milford, Connecticut, is optimistic about college.

“College will be a new experience and [it will get] tough but it’ll be worth every minute,” Tanski said. “The bonds you build and lessons you learn are going to last forever and will mean so much; I can’t wait.”

New students experienced a new type of orientation program, unlike the “SOAR” from years past.

The program was based on communication between upperclassmen and new freshmen via social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Frizzell noted that she did not participate in the new “Connection Days,” but is still hopeful to make new friends, while being a little nervous to leave home.

“I’ve never really had trouble making friends,” Frizzell said. “Hopefully this won’t be a problem and I’ll be able to manage a different social life, academics, and new freedom together.”

Welcome Week events are planned for the first week of school in order to help freshmen grow accustomed to UNH’s campus. The week consists of jam-packed days of events and resources; these events range from comedians to hypnotists while the resources include Laundry 101 and a campus safety forum.

Schedules and more information on Welcome Week events can be found on the Student Life section of the New Haven website (

Have a great week on campus everyone!