German Club to be turned into an adult entertainment venue


Photo courtesy of Lindsay Giovannone and Jacey Ferraro.

The outside of Charlie’s Cabaret, the all new adult entertainment venue at the university, West Haven.

Lindsay Giovannone, Sports Editor


The German Club, officially called Arbeiter Maenner Chor, is an iconic campus building at the University of New Haven where exciting student events like the flu shot clinic have been held. However, in a surprise move, the university has overhauled its current usage of the building in favor of transforming it into a student-centric adult entertainment venue, Charlie’s Cabaret.

Due to tuition increasing, the university is now offering a means for students to make money as a work-study or non-work-study program. Students who choose to apply to work at Charlie’s Cabaret will undergo rigorous background checks and training, and will be compensated strictly via Charger Cash. Guests can choose to tip in Charger Bucks or in printed Charger Cash that can be exchanged for money at the Center for Student Engagement Leadership and Orientation.

A university higherup believes this is a step in the right direction for students. He said, “We want to enhance the student experience, and provide them with resources to support themselves.”

University administration officers encourage their colleagues to attend Charlie’s Cabaret. “It will be a great opportunity for university leadership to engage with students,” one said.

Additionally, Charlie’s Cabaret will provide experiential education opportunities for students in the Pompea College of Business, where they can apply for management-level positions.

The university is “excited to create an environment dedicated to delivering a high-quality business program with unique, career-focused projects.”

88.7 WNHU is partnering with Charlie’s Cabaret and they will be the featured DJ on Friday nights.

Students who are interested in working at Charlie’s Cabaret are encouraged to reach out to management with a resume and cover letter, as well as a video of their experience, if applicable.