From TV Show to Full-Feature Film

Ben Atwater

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The great competitor to film is the television industry. As opposed to two hour stories, TV shows are more episodic and last for an entire season. Yet sometimes, these stories are successful enough to get a big screen adaptation. So, here’s the countdown the top five TV show to movie adaptations.

5) The Muppets (2011)

In the 2010s, the Muppets seemed dead. The show had been off the air for years, and the last film, Muppets from Space, was a critical and financial bomb. But when Disney acquired Kermit and friends in 2004, we all knew they would make a comeback. And the 2011 film was absolutely a comeback. Starring and written by Jason Segal, The Muppets does an excellent job at telling a new story with new characters in Walter and Gary, played by Segal. With a slew of celebrity cameos as well, The Muppets reminded the world why we love these felt puppets through incredibly catchy songs and a very clever screenplay.

4) Rugrats in Paris (2000)

Chances are, if you grew up in the early 2000s, as most students in college right now did, then you watched Rugrats. A Nickelodeon show, Rugrats showed Tommy Pickles and his friends get into all sorts of adventures. Even funnier than the babies’ adventures was the misdoings of the completely oblivious adults. The Rugrats Movie introduced Tommy’s baby brother Dil into the picture, yet the film itself was somewhat boring, being mostly about the babies’ getting lost in the woods. The sequel however most certainly was not. Stu, Tommy’s dad, is commissioned to build a Reptar amusement ride in Paris. Bringing along the entire clan, Chuckie’s dad finds love in a heartfelt and emotional story that rivals the plot of the babies to explore Paris. Also featuring a great villain, Rugrats in Paris is in all ways superior to The Rugrats Movie.

3) The Simpsons Movie (2008)

Even more watched than The Rugrats is The Simpsons, the first adult themed animated TV show. The Simpsons created an entire town full of characters that have been manifested in popular culture since the show’s continuous run started in 1989. Being so popular, it made sense that Fox would make a movie. Being delayed for years, The Simpson’s Movie finally came out in 2008. Capturing the essence of the dry comedy in the show, the movie puts Homer on a grand adventure in which there are plenty of opportunities for pop culture references and self-referential irony. Still heartfelt to the core and putting our favorite yellow family in a lot of danger, The Simpson’s Movie excelled at retaining its show’s spirit while upping the ante. Now if only the show would end…

2) Serenity (2005)

Firefly can be considered one of the best TV shows of all time. Combining space exploration with Westerns, the hit show followed a crew of smugglers just trying to make their way in the galaxy after they were on the losing side of an interplanetary war. With obvious inspiration from Star Wars and Doctor Who, Firefly came to a very quick end thanks to studio meddling and poor airing date choices. Yet that does not change the fact that the TV show is a very neatly written adventure series with beloved characters. Despite the cancellation, creator Joss Whedon got enough funding for a feature film follow up, Serenity, after the name of the ship. With great action and further emotional development between characters, Serenity is one of the best science fiction films in the past few decades, save for the following film.

1) Star Trek (2009)

After Star Trek: Nemesis bombed epically, Paramount took a seven year hiatus on Star Trek. After forty years of shows and movies, Star Trek interested very few and seemed to grow old. Yet director JJ Abrams brought it back in style with 2009’s Star Trek. Essentially a reboot, the original cast of Kirk, Spock, and company are back as teenage graduates of Star Fleet Academy. The film is surprisingly humorous as we watch these classic characters meet on screen for the first time, and also is visually stunning with excellent special effects. Star Trek made the series cool again, and has spawned two sequels, Into Darkness and Beyond, the latter of which is coming out this July.

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