Frisbee Fun for Everyone

Ashley Bogdanski

This past Friday night, weekend programming from SCOPE had people make spin art frisbees. The event had people coming and going throughout the night, but overall seemed very successful. People got to make their own spin art Frisbees.

All students had to do was put the different color paints on the spinning Frisbees to make beautiful designs. People had a blast making different designs and using the many different color combinations. Everyone had great designs throughout the night. The guy that ran the event also made a bunch of great designs that people were asking him to make more of as they saw his examples floating around the room. There wasn’t a limit to how many you got to make throughout the night, which was a great thing for people who got to make some cool Frisbees for their friends.

Overall, the event was a huge success with a lot of people laughing and having a great time making some great art. Be sure to check out SCOPE It Out to the left for what’s up this week with SCOPE!