Friday Night Lights

Francesca Fontanez

The Kayo Field was all aglow with Friday night lights on Oct. 17 as students partook in all sorts of recreational festivities.

One Friday each month, ChargerREC staff members and Office of Residential Life come together to sponsor “Friday Night Lights,” a program intended to give students a positive option for Friday night activity. The two departments have decided to come together this year to create a more inclusive environment.

For each Friday Night Lights, the two sponsors each have different activities planned.

This past Friday, ORL had pumpkins for painting and a mac and cheese bar set up. Francisco Alvarez, a Resident Director, mentioned that they like to always have a snack and a craft for students, so they can stay busy and energized, and the sport run through ChargerREC was softball.

Regarding next month’s Friday Night Lights, Brendan Ryan, the REC sports supervisor, said they like to “switch things up,” and plans to have Flag Football as the sport. As for ORL, Alvarez has a hot chocolate bar and craft in mind.

All students are encouraged to participate in this fun, free, safe, monthly event!