Freshmen Class Breaks Last Year’s Record

Melanie Rovinsky

Undergraduate enrollment climbs above 3,500 students as the University of New Haven welcomes approximately 1,500 freshmen onto campus.

Fall 2008 had brought a 65 percent increase in enrollment deposits over the preceding year, and this year, that number has grown again by 13 percent. According to Gil Rogers, Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment Technology, UNH received nearly 10,000 applications for the 2009-2010 year and accepted around 45 percent of them.

The class of 2013 moves in to Bixler Hall on Sunday, August 23, 2009.
The class of 2013 moves in to Bixler Hall on Sunday, August 23, 2009.

Rogers claims that the increased interest in UNH can be attributed to momentum – building better facilities, creating “smarter” classrooms, and improving existing areas of campus. He believes these factors are what make UNH a “top destination for some of the best and brightest students around the country.”

Neither interest in UNH nor enrollment in the university appears to be impacted by the country’s current economic situation. The number of inquiring students for Fall 2010 admission has nearly doubled since 2007. The number of transfer students has also grown over the past few years.

Although Rogers commends members of the Undergraduate Admissions staff for their tremendous efforts, he believes that their recruitment would be inconsequential if the campus was not as fun, supportive, and energetic as they describe it to be.
When it comes to UNH, Rogers feels, “There is always something on the horizon.”

UNH Family Lends a Hand to Incoming Class

One of the things on the horizon is an even closer-knit UNH family than ever before.

The class of 2013 was welcomed into the University of New Haven early Sunday morning by hordes of brightly dressed faculty and returning students.

“There are a lot of them,” Kait Richmond, a UNH junior and member of the Admissions’ staff, commented in regard to the new students.

Police officers and UNH staff covered every inch of campus in an attempt to ease the congestion caused by the influx of people.

After students moved into their respective residence halls, they gathered in the quad for UNH’s Fall 2009 academic convocation. President Kaplan welcomed the class of 2013, and Provost Dauwalder recognized those students receiving Presidential scholarships. In addition to the new students’ academic achievements, six upper-class Hatfield Scholars were honored during the ceremony.

The convocation also included remarks from Greg Melville, the author of Greasy Rider. Melville spoke of creating a more eco-friendly world and praised the sustainability of Soundview Hall, UNH’s newest residence building. He concluded by asking the class of 2013 to make an impact in the world by making no impact at all.

UNH students and faculty worked together to make move-in day memorable and enjoyable for incoming freshmen and their families. Most staff arrived on campus at 7:30 a.m. and labored well into the evening in order to accommodate all of the additional people. Despite the extreme crowding in most areas of campus, students are remaining optimistic.

According to Richmond, “A freshmen class size this large is sure to trigger an increase in activities and opportunities all over campus.”