Freshmen Bands Perform in Class of 2020 Concert


Caitlin Carney, Staff Writer

On Thursday (April 13), the class of 2020’s executive board put on a concert showcasing talented members of the freshman class.

“I really wanted this event to be something where students can come together and listen to some of the talented freshmen on campus,” said Christina Genovese, class of 2020 president.

The event was co-sponsored by the Fire Science Club and the Audio Engineering Club. The fire science club grilled food for the event while the audio engineering club set up the sound system for the concert.

The event took place in the Bixler/Botwinik quad, attracting many students outside of the class of 2020.

“The event seems to have been planned perfectly,” said Mary Kate Kelly, class of 2018. She “sees bright things ahead for the class of 2020.”

The beginning of the event was an open mic portion which preceded the main acts, InFractures and Crystal Clear, both comprised of freshmen at the University. InFractures and Crystal Clear have both been on campus since the 2016 fall semester.

InFractures was formed in October of 2016 by members Lucas Heller, Adam Pawlik, and Tyler Assetta. The band’s manager is Adam Raczkowski, a junior at the university. The band describes themselves as a progressive metal band and drew in a lively crowd at the concert.

Heller, guitarist for InFractures, said that the concert was “cool and I had a lot of fun.” The group has not had many performances on campus, but are interested in doing more in the future.

Crystal Clear was formed in September of 2016 by members Jake Goode, Ken Fabian, Jo Sinta, Joey Stanca, Steve DeRose Jr., and Jameson Hegger. The band describes themselves as an indie pop band. The group has already gained a large fan base on campus, as many students showed up to the concert specifically to see them. The group has performed at campus events many times over the past year and are eager to continue to do so. The group premiered a few new songs at the concert, exciting many of their fans.

“I was super excited to hear Jo Sinta sing because she never had before,” said Richie McKinney, class of 2020.

Members of the class of 2020 had positive things to say about the event and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy their experience. Genovese expressed that a similar event will be planned again next semester in response to student interest in seeing more similar events.