Fresh Year, Fresh Semester, Fresh Start

Matt DiGiovanni

Welcome back! I hope all of you had a fantastic Winter Break and are ready to get back to classes! The beginning of a new semester and a new year is the perfect time to start fresh and improve yourself, so let’s do it. This semester, The Charger Bulletin has some new features to help you do just that!

Let’s start with the new advice column that will grace these pages. Email your problems, concerns, or questions to [email protected] for some input from one of our talented writers. Submissions for the next week’s issue are due by 3 p.m. on Friday. I will request that you, the readers, keep the issues sent in reasonable and polite. If the submission is too vulgar or disrespectful, it will simply not be run. Anonymity is guaranteed, so please don’t hesitate to send something in. Let’s have fun with this!

Another helpful new feature is Edible Opinions! Seniors Kait Richmond and Shawn Tremblay started the food blog by the same name recently and they will be offering helpful food tips. From what breakfast food offers the best bang for your buck to what restaurant in New Haven is the best for UNH students, Kait and Shawn will fill you in! For those of you who remember Grub Gab, this will be its new incarnation.

While new features are great, the ones that have been around for many semesters are just as important. Melanie Rovinsky’s Health & Fitness feature will fill you in on everything from what your diet should include, what you should always avoid, and various fitness tips. “Did You Know?” written by The Charger Bulletin’s amazing Assistant Editor, Joann Wolwowicz, can help dispel confusion by finally clearing up those puzzling questions like why Memorial Day exists or who the Pilgrims really were. Finally, don’t forget to check out “Dave’s Music Review” in the entertainment section! Dave Iannacone will keep you up to date on what exactly is happening in the world of music and offers some insight into those happenings.

Hopefully, after reading over all those awesome features, I’ve encouraged you longtime readers to keep reading and you occasional readers to read more often! If that wasn’t enough, maybe the thought of reading my editorial every week will change that. (I jest; although, I would like to think that some of you like my writing?) If there is a reason that you don’t frequently read the Bulletin, please don’t hesitate to send some feed back to me personally at [email protected] I am always looking for ways to improve this paper and hearing back from students personally is much more helpful than hearing random portions of a complaint through the grapevine. Maybe YOU are what we’re missing! If you are interested in writing for The Charger Bulletin, send me an email or visit me at my desk upstairs in Bartels; we would love to have you as a staff writer!

I hope that whether all of you get involved with The Charger Bulletin by reading or writing, another club or organization, or just make some small improvement in your life you have a great semester here at UNH and enjoy every second of it! Good luck!