Former Student Creates Valentine’s Day Trivia App


Former University of New Haven student Afraz A. Siddiqui developed a valentine’s themed app, available on the Apple iOS App Store. The game is called Valentine’s Trivia and requires two players, best if significant others, to connect with each other.

As of now, Valentine’s Trivia only has 50 questions with plans to expand the number or questions in the future, as well as platforms being made available for Android users.

The game starts when two players connect. Five questions will be required for the player to answer about themselves. Once the questions are answered, their partner will be asked to answer the questions about the player. Once they answer the five correctly another set of five will be given. 

To add pressure, the app utilizes push notifications. If a partner answers the question wrong, the player will be notified on how their partner answered the question.

The app is meant to see how well significant others know each other and bring them closer together. Questions range from naming your partner’s favorite fruit to their eye color and biggest fears.

Inspired by the idea of a couple/partner’s trivia idea, Siddiqui wanted a game that was thought provoking, intuitive and fun. Siddiqui created the notable app Best Nine Yearly for Instagram which had over 3 million downloads worldwide.

Other apps he has created include Weather – Current & Forecast, which reached #23 on the App Store, and Water Reminder, which reached #17 on the App Store.

Siddiqui received a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of New Haven, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at Harvard University. He is a full time senior iOS Engineer at RiVE Technologies, a safe driving systems firm in New York.