Football vs. Assumption College

No. 6, Christian Lupoli

Courtesy of Charger Athletics

No. 6, Christian Lupoli

On Saturday, the Chargers beat the Assumption College Greyhounds, 34-33.

Wide receiver Ju’an Williams put the Chargers on the board late in the first quarter with the first of his six successful catches from quarterback Christian Lupoli. The first touchdown came after three failed attempts from both teams, and took three plays to complete. Williams logged 166 yards for the day and scored two touchdowns.

Momentum picked up in the second quarter, but not for the Chargers. The Greyhounds put 19 points on the board with two touchdowns, a five-yard safety, and a field goal, which left the Chargers trailing at 19-7.

The Chargers came back after halftime and put another touchdown on the board. Running back Shamar Logan began the drive with a 17-yard carry that set up the 28-yard pass from Lupoli to Williams. Michael Stalenyj kicked the extra point, which left the Chargers still trailing, 19-14.

In the final quarter, after a brief struggle and lost yardage, the Chargers were quick to get on the board within the first minute with a pass to tight end, Jake Lareau, for his first touchdown of the game. The Greyhounds then scored two touchdowns, which gave the team an 11-point lead with half a quarter of playtime left on the clock.

New Haven answered immediately with their shortest drive of the day, a one-play 87-yard pass from Lupoli to AJ Greene, which put the score at 28-33.

The Chargers put up a defensive fight in the last three minutes of the game, which enabled Lupoli to throw a 27-yard pass to wide receiver Zhyaire Fernandes. That put the Chargers ahead by a single point with less than 30 seconds left in the game. The Chargers will play the Stonehill Skyhawks at 1 p.m. Saturday at DellaCamera Stadium. Join the team as they honor their seniors.