Food I Wish we had here at UNH

Nadine Northway

Dear Sodexo,

Here at the University of New Haven, we have a ton of food choices. We not only have the option of our regular cafeteria in Bartels, but we also have Jazzman’s, Pandini’s, Grill 155, Sandella’s, the Hazell Nut Café, and Starbucks in the library. A lot of schools do not get anything other than their plain cafeteria. I am quite happy about all of these choices, but then again, there is always room for improvement. My favorite places to eat are normally Bartels for breakfast, anywhere for lunch, and Grill 155 or Sandella’s for dinner.

For Bartels breakfast, I am incredibly satisfied with my options. A few things I wish could be improved in taste are the pancakes, French toast and small waffles served by the egg section (not the make-it-yourself waffles—those are perfect). I feel that they often taste dry and bland.

Another thing to fix would be the fresh fruit selection. I used to love when there were fresh berries for the waffle machine, but now that happens much less often. I also wish Bartels would have English muffins at breakfast time. I am in love with toasted English muffins, and if they were available I would probably have them every day. I would also prefer if they had regular bacon more often and less turkey bacon. I have nothing against turkey bacon; however when it is as dehydrated as it is at our school, I do not want to eat it. I would prefer their regular bacon or less petrified turkey bacon.

Another problem I have with this campus is the hot dogs. The only place to get hot dogs on campus is Bartels at lunchtime, and I really do not like the flavor. I wish we had better hot dogs offered at the Grill. I also would like if Grill 155 and Bartels would have steak fries more often. They are so delicious and everyone loves when they are available, so I wish that happened more frequently.

At Sandella’s I do not have much for improvement on the choices because they are top notch; however, I wish the service was a tad better, and I wish the basil was always fresh. My mozzarella salads are not always perfect. I would prefer if the mozzarella was a tad fresher and that my basil was not occasionally brown. If it is turning brown or wilting, please just do not put it in my salad.

Grill 155 is basically a perfect place. You get what you expect. Of course I would prefer a hot dog now and then and some home fries more often, but this place has never screwed up my food. They get things done fast and everything always tastes the same, which is why I get confused when some of the same people work at Pandini’s and I do not experience the same consistency there.

At Pandini’s, a lot of the time my food is not made with the same ingredients listed on the sign. When you go to Sandella’s, if the person does not remember what is in something, they look at the sign and check, which I greatly appreciate. At Pandini’s, that is not an option because the signs are not visible to them. The amount of things I have ordered here and not gotten the same thing is a bit ridiculous. If I order a vegetable pizza and it says it has broccoli, mushrooms and peppers, and I get onions, spinach and broccoli, I am going to be upset. If I order a pasta dish with alfredo, I do not want it sitting in a pile of onions and grease.

Overall, I really prefer consistency when I am ordering from a food establishment. That is how big businesses make it. McDonald’s would not be the same if the food was not the same every day at every location. These UNH dining locations should at least be the same from day to day and hour to hour. I quite appreciate all of the choices at this fine establishment; however, suggestions never hurt.