Florida Authorities Look Towards Mother for Missing Girl

Heather Brown

ORLANDO–Casey Anthony, 22, was arrested last week after reporting to Orlando, Florida authorities that her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, had been missing since June 9. She has been charged with child neglect and criminal obstruction.

Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother, who’s daughter is being held without bail and was due in court again yesterday, has appeared on NBC’s Today to tell the world that Casey should be released so she can help authorities find Caylee. Cindy says that her daughter knows who has the little girl, but “doesn’t know where they’re at right at the moment.” Casey’s lawyer, Jose Baez, has also told the media that she is willing to work with the authorities to help find her daughter.

Orlando authorities are wary of releasing Casey Anthony because they allege that she has already been deceitful. She originally told detectives that she didn’t call them immediately after she discovered her daughter missing because she was busy conducting an investigation of her own. She also led authorities to the apartment where she said she dropped her daughter off. The apartment had been vacant for months and the woman who should have been living there and watching Caylee has never heard of or met them before. Casey Anthony also gave a false employer, a manager’s name and work number. This is all according to the charging affidavit.
Investigators have had cadaver-sniffing dogs search her house, car, and yard for any signs of a dead body. The dogs indicated that there was a place in the backyard that there had been a dead body and neighbors told authorities that Casey asked to borrow a shovel around the time her daughter went missing.

Orange County Sheriff’s deputy Carlos Padilla said that Anthony’s lawyer, Baez, has not responded to calls for a meeting to let Anthony help find her daughter. Padilla has urged the kidnapper to drop Caylee off at a hospital or firehouse if he/she is afraid of being caught. He has also said that “the key lies in the mother, and we would hope the lawyer would allow the detectives to speak to her in his presence to find out exactly where this child is. This lawyer has taken the time to take this to the media, but he’s not yet returned the phone calls to discuss this.”