Five Things to Do Before You Graduate College

Kaitlin Mahar

Whether you’re a senior or a freshman, there are just some things that you need to try. A lot of these are pretty straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many people haven’t done one (or any) of the things on this list; no matter what your class standing is, or whether you’re a resident or commuter, there’s no excuse! It’s all about the experiences you have and the memories you make. In some cases, it can make a huge difference, while others could just be nothing more than a fun story to tell. Either way, open up your mind and embrace these new opportunities.

1. Go to a club: You don’t even have to enjoy it – sometimes, just the thrill of getting tetanus is enough. I have a friend who went to one because we had an assignment to go somewhere that makes us uncomfortable, and she literally stayed in the bathroom the entire time. HOWEVER, it was definitely a good story, since she’s still telling it four years later.

2. Eat somewhere new/exotic:  As good as Duchess and Elm City are, there are so many more places out there to try. Even if you end up with worse food poisoning than that time you got undercooked chicken at the dining hall, you’ll still be able to say you did more than just eat pizza and burgers every day of your college career. My suggestions? Claire’s Corner Copia, York Street Noodle House, and Mamoud’s – all downtown New Haven staples.

3. Go to a party: At least one. Please. It doesn’t have to be a toga party or a kegger or anything fancy. You’d be surprised how much fun you’d have and what great people you could meet. Even if you’re not the “partying type,” don’t knock it till you try it.

4. Go bowling: Not every college experience has to be about partying and getting obliterated every weekend. You have no idea how much fun and what great memories you can have just goofing off with your friends.
5. Join a club/activity: This is especially good for those of you who may feel like you don’t have enough friends on campus. You don’t have to join just any club – if you take a look at what UNH has to offer, you’ll be sure to find something you truly enjoy, and, if not, just start one on your own. The best part is that you get to meet like-minded people and discuss something you truly enjoy.

Seriously, keep these suggestions in mind – if anything, the worst thing you could regret is not at least giving them a try.