Five great political movies for voters to watch

Politics in film often highlights a monumental moment in history or focuses on one of the many intricate processes involved in government, and makes for an engaging, yet informational, plot. Here are five films that epitomize the politics genre:

All the President’s Men
This 1972 classic is based on a best-selling memoir by Washington Post investigative reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. Woodward initially believes that he is covering a small break-in at the Democratic Party national headquarters, but soon finds that top lawyers are already on the defensive case and that the Republican Party may actually be involved.

This thriller is a must-see and keeps you on your toes as you follow the reporters solving the mystery of the trial, as IMDb says “leading higher and higher in the Republican Party, and eventually into the White House.”

Arguably one of the most iconic movies of this generation, “Selma” is a star-studded film illustrating the unforgettable story of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous campaign for the support of equal voting rights. One of the greatest protests in American history, King’s march from to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 was more than just a march. Ann Hornaday from the Washington Post says this campaign was one of “the most pivotal events in American life in the 20th century.”

The film’s director Ava DuVernay was able to depict this moment in history in a “stirring, often thrilling, uncannily timely drama that works on several levels at once,” said Hornaday.

If you never watched this movie in theaters, it is never too late as this Oscar-winning film is written in the list of classic movies from our lifetime.

The Ides of March
“We have to do it, it’s the right thing to do, and nothing bad happens when you’re doing the right thing,” says Ryan Gosling as the main character, Stephen Meyers. A fictional tale of a presidential candidate’s campaign is filmed through the eyes of Meyers, a young idealist. As he is second in command to Gov. Mike Morris’s — played by George Clooney — presidential campaign, he learns quickly that a lot of bad things can happen.

This drama is underlined with romance, jam-packed with politics and is filled with exciting and shocking twists, as the young Stevie battles with dirty politics and tries to stand for the people he believes in.

The Best Man
Another classic film released in 1964 illustrates the story of two front-runners for their party’s presidential nomination. Their personas differ greatly, according to IMDb, but both are looking for the former president’s endorsement.

This drama highlights two distinct personas in politics but the pressure of grasping the attention and trust of the American people pushes both campaign teams to decide how dirty they are prepared to get.

President Abraham Lincoln has one riveting story to tell as his presidency falls in the midst of the revolutionary American Civil War in 1865. The 2012 film illustrates how Pres. Lincoln made one of the biggest decisions for America’s future: abolishing slavery.

Watch as Pres. Lincoln races against the clock to achieve passage of the landmark constitutional amendment that will permanently end slavery in the U.S. This historic film is sure to give you further insight into the intricacies of. Lincoln’s term and the monumental amendment that plays a big part in our American culture today.