Fire Prevention Week at UNH: Sure to be a Hot Item

The Charger Bulletin

by Ashley Johnson, Fire Science Club

Fire Prevention Week has already started, and will be continuing until Oct. 10. This year the University of New Haven’s Fire Science Club has gone above and beyond to ensure that the student body not only has fun while actively learning, but are also given the opportunity to incorporate important fire prevention techniques.

Throughout the week members of the Fire and Life Safety Committee will be at tables around campus providing handouts, information, and answering questions. Wednesday night at six, the Fire Science Club will be demoing the Bull-ex extinguisher system in the quad to give students a chance to feel what it is like to use an extinguisher in case the time ever comes. Thursday will be our big day on campus: at noon there will be a fire prevention carnival that will lead into a live “burn box” scenario. This will show students what it would be like if a fire were to start in their home, dorm, or apartment. If you are an upperclassman make sure to still come out, there will be something brand new in the burn box scenario: a sectioned box. One section will have a sprinkler head attached to show what a difference sprinklers make in a fire situation, the other will not and will show the hazards if we didn’t use them.

Fire prevention week on campus is sure to spark and ignite the interests of all students on campus. So when you think of fun during the week, come down and share it with us: it will be a blaze.