Finding Articles for Your Research Paper


It seems as though summer just finally arrived, and yet now we’re looking towards turning our calendars to October this coming week. Along with the arrival of autumn comes a flurry of research papers that begin to be due from now until the end of the semester. Do you feel perplexed as to where to look to find articles for your research paper? The library can help, and most of the journal articles available are online through the UNH website.

There is a link to the library’s website directly from the UNH homepage. Follow that and you will see a blue navigation menu on the left. The best way to access journal articles is through the databases link. You will log into that the same way as you do your UNH email, with the same username and password. Once into the databases, it’s advisable to switch to the Subject Listing of Databases, because the library has so many databases that without a little guidance it can be difficult to know which databases to use to find the articles you need.

You’ll find an amazing amount of scholarly information suited for your research paper needs. You can search using your own keywords, or browse by topic in most of these databases. Increasingly, the full-text of these articles is available online. This means you don’t only find a citation, or simply the abstract or summary, but the entire journal article just as it appears in the print version of the journal. This is such a convenient way of conducting your research since most databases are available from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Only a few are designated as in-library use only, and those are clearly listed on our website.

Many of the databases have some great features, from print and download options to RSS feeds. Setting up a feed is quick and easy. Imagine that you have a paper due at the end of the semester. Setting up a feed will ensure that you get new relevant articles delivered to your email inbox without your having to keep checking for new and timely articles.

Try it yourself and see what a great resource the library has through its databases link. And remember, if you ever need help you can stop at the library reference desk, or call us at 932-7189. Good luck to everyone with their papers!