Finally Over Stress

Nadine Northway

The stress of finals is brewing and everyone’s tension is rising. I know it is not just me because everyone seems to be getting out the claws lately when they get mildly annoyed. However, you cannot get mad at anyone in particular because everyone is freaking out about something. There is the stress from finals and term papers pushing everyone over the edge, causing some brief conflicts between friends, roommates and even teachers.

I know at the end of the school year, every year, I get stressed. My roommates are stressed too. I am the type of person who gets quite annoyed at everything, though. Whether you’re stressed about school, friendships, crushes, family or finances, it adds up and really gets in the way of your life. You suddenly are negative about everything because everything annoys you. And I am also the type of person who, when I get an attitude from someone, I will ignore it to an extent. But if I am already annoyed you will most certainly get an attitude back.

Try to ease up on taking stress out on others if you’re feeling like this. You may not even notice it, but you could be being rude to people without even realizing it. If everyone just relaxes and takes a breather before getting annoyed with people we could all be a tad less stressed. Then we wouldn’t be worried about losing a friendship too.

Some stress management tips my friends and I have been implementing are things like listening to music, going into another room by yourself, coloring or any mind games. You can get apps on your phone to keep you busy. Things like Sudoku, Temple Run or Solitaire can help get your mind off stress and try to relax. A lot of these games also can increase your reaction times and memory. Lately though, coloring and talking out the issues seem to be the best way I’ve found to cope with stressful situations.

If all else fails, try talking to your parents, have some of your favorite foods, or go for some retail therapy. Every little thing that boosts your mood gets you away from flipping out on someone who is a really great friend to you.