Finally… Welcome Back!

Matt DiGiovanni

Welcome back! This semester is off to an interesting start with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and the delayed start of classes, but now we’re halfway through our first full week of classes. Hopefully all of you are enjoying your classes so far and are looking at an exciting semester! Over the summer many improvements were made around the campus, from the expansion of the campus bookstore to the paving and lining of the Kaplan parking lot to the work on the façade of Maxcy Hall; it’s great to see progress whether large or small. In line with that, Joann and I have some plans for improvements to The Charger Bulletin for this academic year ranging from opportunities to win small prizes in each issue (starting soon!) to a smartphone app that will be in development.

However, to successfully make these ideas work, we need help! We need new staff members, so whether a brand new freshman, a transfer student, or a senior working on finishing up your degree, we can use your skills to make this a better newspaper. Interested in writing a handful of articles every now and then? Fantastic, we’ll welcome you with open arms. Would you like to write a feature column for each issue? Visit Joann or me at our desks upstairs in Bartels, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you. Even if you are only interested in some other facet of the paper such as helping to publicize each issue or copyedit the paper prior to it being submitted to the printer, every little bit helps! Keep in mind that anyone can write for the Bulletin, you don’t need to be a journalism major or the greatest writer. We will work with you to make you a great writer, publishing your work as you learn!

Since both Joann and I will be in our positions for the second year, an opportunity that not everyone gets, we would like to do our best to use what we learned last year to truly improve The Charger Bulletin and increase its readership. The first move we made to increase its readership is the placement of six brand new newspaper stands. One is located outside of Bayer Hall, one is in Maxcy Hall at the entrance located closest to the Henry C. Lee building, one is in the Bartels Student Activity Center, one is by the mailboxes as the Main Street Condos, one is in the laundry room at Savin Court, and finally there will be one at a location to be determined at Forest Hills.

I would like to close by throwing out a few of my usual spiels. To all of the new students out there, please, please, PLEASE get involved around campus. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the three years I’ve spent here at UNH, it’s that many of those in the student body who aren’t involved spend their entire four years at UNH complaining about being bored. Put yourself out there and you won’t be disappointed! This university has a lot to give, but to get the best return you have to get involved!

Speaking of complaining, if something starts to bother you, talking trash on Facebook doesn’t accomplish much. It’s much more productive for you to contact the proper faculty or staff member or beyond that contact the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA). You can even contact Joann and I at The Charger Bulletin. All of us are willing to help and try to fix whatever issue you bring to our attention to the best of our abilities. Finally, if you have any input on how you would like to see The Charger Bulletin improved, don’t hesitate to contact Joann or me at [email protected] or [email protected] respectively. We’d love to hear from you!

I wish everyone the best of luck at the beginning of another semester here at the University of New Haven! Have a great week and a great semester!