Feudin’ It Up

Glenn Altshuler

Students packed the Alumni Lounge this Friday to participate in an icon of American culture: Family Feud. As they filed in, students broke into “families” of five, each hoping to claim the hundred dollar prize. Equipped with remote controls, students answered various survey questions, earning points to give them a spot at the podium. After four rounds of questions posed by the “Survey Master”, UNH Sophomore Michelle Morra, it was time for the semi-finals. As the “Normal Delegates” family and the “Clark Kent” family moved onto the finals, others, such as the “Vanna White Wannabees” family, sadly took their seats. After a night filled with laughter and smiles, it was the “Clark Kent” family that won the Feud as perhaps, their name foreshadowed. SCOPE’s Weekend Programming committee heads, Dave McKinney and Sam Drotar, can give themselves a pat on the back as Family Feud was a big success with students. And a heck of a lot of fun!