Fear of failure

Alyssa MacKinnon

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How often do we quit before we have given something a chance? How often do we write off some experience or some new thing because we are scared, that we will not do well enough, that it won’t be as we expect, or that we will not succeed?

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People don’t enthusiastically try for almost anything at this school; many students just commit themselves to their dorms.

We have so many opportunities in college, especially at a university like the University of New Haven. Every week, different events are hosted that not even 50 percent of the student body here elects to attend. Students don’t capitalize on the huge activity fee that we are charged as part of our tuition. Don’t you want to use that $1,220 you give to the school EVERY year?

Last year alone, I personally had a blast getting over $1,000 from school events—in gift cards, food, tickets and prizes. One of my friends won two X-Boxes last year! Simply going out to different things can be fun, but you have all these chances to win or create personalized things.

Join clubs and take leadership roles, even if you don’t have a lot of experience; don’t be afraid to try and voice your ideas to others. Sign up for something! Be part of the fashion show, see the comedian, share lunch with someone from class. Branch out and talk to the person across the desk when they mention they’re into your favorite show! Don’t let fear stop you from making waves in the world or even the little pond that is UNH.

Apply to the big scholarship, call up that amazing internship opportunity, and try the fish at Bartels. Even though it’s scary and there’s always the possibility of rejection, it can’t hurt to just try!

You don’t want to graduate and have your coolest story be that you could chug a 40 in under a minute; mine certainly won’t. Be adventurous and courageous, be the kind of person that doesn’t cocoon himself in his room and practice for a life as a hermit. Go alone to an event if your friends won’t leave the Netflix universe.

The more things you try for and go out to, the more interesting people you meet and things you will end up experiencing. So be bold and extend yourself out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just by a little each time.

The college experience is about making memories, going out and trying new, weird things and making silly mistakes. Take advantage of your opportunities before the year is through and don’t be afraid of failure!

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Fear of failure