Fantastic Albums You Need To Know Part III

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

Need a muse for that book you’re working on?

albums you need to know III
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After all, it’s NaNoWriMo; National Novel Writing Month, so why not check out Lily and Madeleine’s self-titled debut EP?! It’s perfect for those outlines; even for those upcoming tests you know you’ll be studying for and those research papers you have to overcome.

From Indianapolis, the two sisters reprise Romantic poetry with perfectly soft and blended vocals, with a taste for the gentle folk. Madeleine, the oldest, lightly paints the songs with her folk melodies, while Lily enriches them with faint taste for humble and potent imagery.

To start, “Sounds Like Somewhere,” is a rich echo of strings and piano keys gently caressing mountains of glistening lyrics. The vocals are so light and intertwined; it’s a peaceful delivery of seizing the day. It’s perfect for a hot chocolate and s’mores kind of day.

Moreover, “Devil We Know,” is a slow exciting festival of merry guitars and a faint feel for the old-fashioned. The folk melodies resonate throughout the song and provide worthy effortless harmonies.

Other tracks such as, “Nothing But Time;” a fast paced earthy sensation, “I’ve Got Freedom;” a cheery pick-me-up, “Come To Me;” a dark swing on guitar melodies echoed by light phrases, and “Goodbye To Anyone;” which gives off a western feel for the ears, are flawless. These tracks bring out the richness Lily and Madeleine provided.

Their innocent lyrics don’t drag them down. Their twist on the classic southern romantic feel gives them the power to layer their songs with warm memories; the days basked in the sun.

Overall, go check out their debut album; these sisters give it their all. If you’re a fan of Sufjan Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel, I highly recommended them!