Fantastic Albums You Need Part V

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

Everyone has that one band or bands they need to see live — it’s a must, but there’s always something getting in the way of that almost unforgettable night. Amazingly, live albums give us the feeling of being right there, cheering so much and singing along.

While some live albums don’t deliver enough, Band of Horses’ Acoustic at The Ryman, delivers monumental sound; beautifully filling your home with those two unbelievable nights.

Recorded at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium last April, there’s a reason why the band chose this venue to capture their nights. It’s a wonderful venue; a place where stunning sound quality echoes and elegantly flows into the hall, conveying each and every emotion as they play. It’s incredible just how good they sound.

The chosen songs on the album will breathe life into your veins. Front man Ben Bridwell, sets a new bar as his voice majestically fills the hall. The first, “Marry Song,” is beautifully performed. Harmonies are locked in; giving off such a calm and warm embrace, which is undeniably serene.

The band sets up to be unforgettable. With Bill Reynolds’s upright bass strumming, the band stages a campfire, warming the night away with “Slow Cruel Hands of Time,” “Everything’s Gonna Be Undone,” and “Older,” all which echo the beauty these musicians reveal. Every note and all these melodies are perfectly executed to elude the talent this band holds.

They also bring back a favorite, “No One’s Gonna Love You.” With a slight and new rendition, they fused what they have newly learned together with this lovely old song; highlighting the true soulful complex. It truly displays their growth as musicians.

One of my favorites in particular is their live performance of “The Funeral.” The vocals are absolutely chilling as the piano places you on a canvas, while the lyrics paint the wonder tracing over.

This band flawlessly creates two unforgettable nights into a 10-track record. By going acoustic, they not only reveal how talented they are, but also how strong, brilliant and enchanting they sound without the tweaks of a studio.

If you want to fill your room with what a live rendition should sound like, I highly recommend listening to this record.