Fantastic Albums You Need Now Part IV

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

Bombay Bicycle Club’s new album, Song Long, See You Tomorrow, is a marvelous mixture of wonder; paved with elements from their previous albums that will leave you in such a euphoric state.

Photo Obtained via Facebook
Photo Obtained via Facebook

The London four piece enthralls listeners within seconds; a perfect distraction from the big bad world. “Overdone,” the first to say hello; stunningly leaving those exposed to an array of energetic, conversing strings. Jack Steadman’s unforgettable voice and the repeating fixation of these strings synch together impeccably, brilliantly, and carries the heart of the album over to the next wave, which is explored through various and rich centerpieces such as “It’s Alright Now” and “Whenever, Wherever.”

A guest female vocalist enriches the album as well. Her appearances on “Home by Now” and “Luna” are bewitching; beautiful in any and every way humanly possible. The band’s incorporation of this lovely guest entices audiences, moving towards new scenery for the band to shape and convey.

The band tells their new story with every melody and in every approach, where the guitars and synths flow towards and the band eloquently shares their new perception. Pieces of their previous albums: Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix cohered with what they’ve learned during the making.

The band is bringing listeners to an unbelievable atmosphere of what is means to be quirky and unordinary; well prepared and hooking with every song. If you’re stuck in a rut (weird new professors who give out a syllabus that is going to be the death of you scenario, the cute guy/gal you tell UNH Confessions about is in your class for once, or if you just want to listen to cool new music) definitely check out Song Long, See You Tomorrow; It’s purely fantastic. You can find it at and