Famous For The Wrong Song?

Katerina Sperl

When Adele turned 19, she released the album 19. When she turned 21, she released 21. Now, she is 23, so where is the album? With a rich voice, great range and pure talent, hopefully she will have a new album out soon.

AP Photo

Needing more Adele in my life, I finally bought her first album. However, the song that first made her famous is arguably not one of her best on this album. There are three songs on 19 that I believe much better portray her talents.

“Chasing Pavements” is kind of boring compared to the other tracks. The chorus is repeated three times but there are only two verses. With so much repetition, the track cannot fully display all of her talent. Besides that, the music video is just downright confusing. Why are you rolling on the ground, people? Why is Adele just sitting in the car for the first two minutes before she does anything? How can the people move like that after their accident? Why is Adele barely in the video? What is even happening? I just don’t seem to understand this.

“Daydreamer” has no chorus, I realize blissfully. Compared to the other song composed of just chorus, this is extremely refreshing. Holding out the high notes shows her talents. This song is also written by Adele herself, whereas “Chasing Pavements” is written by her and another person. Her well-roundedness is displayed by her also playing the guitar throughout the track. This song is mellow, whereas the other track feels like she is yelling at the listener.

In “Make You Feel My Love,” Adele plays the bass. Although she did not write this song, she could have had me fooled. There is so much emotion, so much feeling in this song. This song is all about loving someone so much that you would do anything to keep them happy. She is not playing it cool. She is not putting up a front. She displays her raw love without once doubting it. This could very well be the best song that she has ever sung.

“Right As Rain” is another worthy song. It makes the listener feel powerful and happy. As opposed to “Chasing Pavements,” there are more verses than chorus repetitions. This definitely gives it a leg up. This song is empowering, because it is about letting go of someone who has hurt you. Adele also plays yet another musical instrument in this song: the cowbell. It sure does not get much cooler than that. She acknowledges that the hardest part is over and says “I chose to be alone.” What a great line!

I am not saying that any of Adele’s songs are not great; they all are. However, perhaps one of these alternative tracks would better display her wide talent than “Chasing Pavements.” I cannot wait to see what she will do next in her career.