Fall Out Boy’s “Young And Menace”

Fall Out Boys “Young And Menace”

On Wednesday, popular pop-punk group Fall Out Boy released a single, announced a new album, and announced a tour, overwhelming many fans who have not heard anything from the band since American Beauty / American Psycho, which was released in 2015. The band’s new album is titled Mania and is set to be released in full on September 15. It is likely that the band will continue to build the hype for this album by releasing more songs in the meantime.

The single released on Wednesday is titled “Young And Menace,” and shocked many friends with the new sound their beloved band has taken on. The song brings in an EDM type of feel in addition to their usual sound. The vocals also sound slightly muffled as if they are coming from another room which gives the song a mesmerizing sound to it. The song starts off soft and light and quickly builds into full blown chaos by the end of the first chorus.

The song deviates from Fall Out Boy’s typical pop-punk feel and approaches more of an EDM feel by incorporating a heavy bass and a chaotic combination of sounds throughout the song. The chaotic feel lives up to the album’s title of Mania.

The song was released alongside a music video. The video features a young boy on a beach and stumbling across a magazine with a family on the cover. He then brings the magazine home with him after pondering it greatly. The boy appears to live with two llama-like creatures who argue with him over the magazine, leading him to flee the house. The boy then climbs into a stranger’s trunk to escape and winds up in a new place full of other humans. He tries to communicate with the other humans but faces a language barrier which frustrates him immensely. Overwhelmed, the boy has a breakdown and ends up waking up in a different house. When he goes downstairs in the house he experiences flashbacks of all of the things he has experienced in his life, from the crazy llama-like creatures, to the humans who did not understand him. The video then ends with a purple ocean, which speaks to the album’s purple artwork.

Along with the release of this video and song and their album’s release date, Fall Out Boy announced a tour for the fall which will begin on October 20. Tickets for this tour will be on sale starting May 5. Tour stops include a wide variety of destinations including Brooklyn, New York and Boston, Massachusetts, which are both fairly close to the University of New Haven.

Fans can look forward to this tour as well as the possibility of more singles to come before the album drops on September 15.