Fall Out Boy’s Lyrics Remain Timeless on M A N I A

On Jan. 19, Fall Out Boy released their long-awaited album M A N I A. The album features a combination of love songs and inspirational anthems, all accompanied by a catchy melody and a steady pulse.

The album opens with the iconic single “Young and Menace.” This song tells the band’s own story to their fans. They explain that though they have aged since they first formed in 2001, they still have the same spunk and youth that they are known for. The band urges fans to look back on all of their history and remember that they were young once too, just as their fans are now.

Another anthem-esque song featured on the album is “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).” This anthem is aimed specifically towards millennials. The lyrics acknowledge that millennials are all a hot mess, but they are trying their best every single day.

The lyrics are also extremely relatable to millennials as they address mental health with: “and when I say I’m sorry I’m late I wasn’t showing up at all / I really mean I didn’t plan on showing up at all.” Many millennials also tend to want to avoid going to social engagements, often due to a mental illness holding them back such as social anxiety or depression. Acknowledging their illness speaks true to the first generation to truly embrace mental health as a priority and encourages being honest and open about one’s struggles.

These iconic anthems are accompanied by several romantic tracks, which range from the true devotion explored in “Church” to the contradictory feelings expressed in “Sunshine Riptide.”

“Church” expresses the feelings of true devotion one feels when they see their partner as truly perfect. The song expresses the negative feelings of the world through lyrics such as “It’s getting hard to know what’s real,” while contrasting these negative feelings with their love and devotion for their partner. The song explains the feeling of one’s partner being the last good thing in the world. “Church” expresses this with the lyrics “My sanctuary, you’re holy to me.” In saying this, it is shown that this person may not be truly perfect, but to their partner they are a holy sanctuary, an escape from the horrors of the world.

The track “Sunshine Riptide” is a song of true contradiction. The song’s title itself is a contradiction as sunshine is often thought of as bright and warm and happy while a riptide is generally thought of as cold and dangerous. By describing this love as sunshine riptide, the conflicting thoughts had by their partner are vividly explained to listeners. The song itself expresses the turmoil of dating someone who will say one thing but act in a completely different way. This turmoil is expressed with the lyrics “You say ‘please don’t ever change’ / But you don’t like me the way I am.”

Though Fall Out Boy’s sound has changed quite a bit over the past 17 years, they stay true to the honest, raw, emotion that they have always expressed through their lyrics.