Fairfield U students may have swine flu

The Charger Bulletin

Fairfield (WTNH) – Two students at Fairfield University may have the swine flu, announced Gov. M. Jodi Rell today, bringing the total number of probable cases in Connecticut up to five.

No cases in the state have been confirmed.

Samples from the Fairfield University students have been submitted to the CDC to confirm to if they are positive for swine flu. The state is still waiting on results to see if the three other probable cases are swine flu.

Neither of the students said they had traveled recently.

Today’s announcement came after tests on two students in East Haddam came back negative for swine flu. East Haddam Schools will reopen tomorrow.

In a conference call with mayors and superintendents this morning, Gov. Rell said Connecticut is prepared for a possible pandemic.

“In Connecticut, we have undertaken comprehensive pandemic planning over the past several years,” Gov. Rell said. “Our state agencies are well-prepared, we have distributed antiviral treatment courses to our health care providers and we are keeping the lines of communication open with local officials. The bottom line is that we are taking all appropriate steps to deal with the illness.”